Friday, December 11, 2009

Beer Review Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

It is that time of year that I go to the local H.E.B to get good beer.  I buy good dark beer when its cold because I don't know it just feel like that to me. Ok yes enough.    Well the first beer of the season is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  This beer is good, but I didn't like it when it was very cold, I had to wait a few minutes before it came to a good temperature yes my freezer is cold.  I was playing the new call of duty and my kill rate was very good.  I think that the overall rate on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 6.  It was a 6 because I personally like beer with a little kick to it and it didn't really have that.  I like a bitter after taste and it didn't come close.  It did have a nice sweet taste and it goes down good with no bad beer after taste.  I recommend this beer to anyone who likes a sweet overall taste it accomplishes that perfectly.  I will continue to enjoy my holidays by drinking more beer and reviewing them ok yeah I got the time to do it....To life,liberty and everything else ok bye for now......

Chinese Bussiness Distributes Australian Beer

Australian beer is more expensive than the local Chinese beer, but that doesn't stop the success of a distributor.  Just Beer has had success in distributing Australian beer in China due to the fact that Chinese appreciate different types of brew.  The model of distribution has served as template for Australian brews to start venturing into China to do the same. The founder Frank Li has developed a successful channel for distribution into China.  As for my take on this there is only one beer that I've tried while I was in Australia that would be great to have in the United States and that would be VB or Victoria Bitter.  Its no surprise that VB is the top seller with Li's beer service.  I think I will have to make my own VB distribution in the States now that would be a top hit. 
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Japan makes a space beer o major tom what up with that...,......

In an article today it has been writen that Japan has come up with a beer made by barley cultivated in space.  The beer will be expensive like about 110 buck per six pack so don't think about buying one because you will be a total ass.  Maybe if you can afford it do it but if you can don't.  Ok well if you want to read more here is the link.
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beer logos

Look at a commerical for beer and what do you see?  You see something that is familar?  What you are seeing is a brand that helps you connect with your favorite past time.  Yes beer is a past time because you past the time drinking it and it has been done since the beging of written history.  So you see a logo a brand with colors and graphics that have a greater meaning because you have connected with them through the beer you drink.  Just seeing these color symbols make your mouth water for it. The beer that you drank on prom night, the beer that you drank when you got your first job or got fired, got married, birthday ect. Yeah it makes you nostoligic but hey you can't help the fact that logos are important. 
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Viva Mexico Corona Beer has a big following

As a person who lives on the boarder Corona beer is not a big deal, but it cannot be denied that it has a big international following.  My person impression of Corona is that it is a very watered down beer and does go good with lime.  Dos Xis is actually my favorite Mexican beer that is made by the same company I think. Modelo Nerogo is a good dark beer that rivals many German beer the reason why is because it is made by an old German recipe that was brought to Mexico.  There are many good Mexican beers, but as discribed in the artilce link on the bottom read more to find out why Corona is so good.
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Interesting things about beer

In our world there has been substances that have contributed to the progress of civilization.  One of these substances is beer.  Beer has contributed to the well being of humans since the times of Noah.  It was beer that was drank for four-thy days and nights because the water would get contaminated. It was used by many people of these times because it was a great alternative to water because water would turn bad.  The founding fathers would go to bars and drink such as Ben Franklin in the hell fire club. Beer has seen the best of times and the worst of times so when you drink your next beer you are drinking history.
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I have seen the light, light beer that is

Today's domestic beer market is dominated by light beers.  Light beers are popular because they contain less calories and often do not lead to a tremendous Hanover.  Although we are familiar with the usual light beer companies such as Miller, Coors and Budweiser there are others to choose from.  The others maybe or less expensive than the competition, but there is certainly a wide variety.
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Beer companies use data about comsumers habits

 The information that companies gather is called beer statistics.  This information is used to determine weather a product needs to me made different or phased out.  Peoples taste change as time progresses, that being the case beer companies change as well.  Companies use different data points such as the sales of a certain kind of beer.  The data is then used to find out what taste of beer is being more successful.   
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beer Pong

I have played beer pong only once and it was very fun. I was at a party and it was a hit. Every one was involved and there was fierce competition. I was amazed by how everyone would help each other out by cheering. Beer pong is a great way to break the ice at any party. I think my team won, but by the time the game was finished I think I was pretty much gone. Ok well if you want to know how to play here is an article that explains it.
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Homebrewed Beer

Making beer at home on thing that I have once attempted. A few years back I brought a at home brew kit and thought that the process would be simple, it wasn't. After weeks of the fermentation process and adding yest to get the carbonation only one bottle came out with good carbonation the others were flat. I will one day repeat the process of making my own beers. The next time I will make sure to follow the directions properly.
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Beer Is Good For You

That is right beer may be good for you. There have been various studies lasting for 10 years that show beer has good health effects. The good health benefits in beer come from the antioxidant properties present in beer. No all beer is the same, studies show that dark beer contains more cancer and heart disease prevention properties than light beer. Moderate drinking is the key to gain these benefits. It depends on the size of the individual but Women should drink one a day and me one up to two a day to get healthy results. Studies have also show that beer contains more antioxidants than of wine because of the hops and malts used.
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History and Beer

The history of beer has is origins thousands of years before biblical times. Beer has been used and it is theorized that beer was invented in different cultures independently of each other. Beer has gone though many changes as time progressed. At one time beer was made in small amounts in households or villages. Laws were passed to regulated the ingredients in beer. Germany had success in beer making as the first to use hops in the beer process. Beer was eventually mass produced due to innovations during the industrial revolution in the 18th century.
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What kind for food goes with what kind of beer?

In the world we live in Wines and Cheeses are not the only things that have share different combination's. Today Beers are just as complex and complimentary to different foods. The factors involved in process of making beers add to there uniqueness in how they taste to different foods. The wide variety of beers has increased due to microbreweries springing up to add to the rich text of food and drink. Today different types of beer have been adding to the question, "just what kind of beer goes with different types of food."
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